As an editor, it’s my job to help you say what you mean: to organize, hone, and clarify your writing. Good editing is a collaboration between writer and editor; it ensures you connect with your readers.

Every writer is unique, as is every manuscript. I tailor my approach to match the needs of both. Not sure what type of editing you need? Contact me for a free consultation.

Developmental Editing

This is where you deal with Big Picture stuff: organization, flow, pacing, continuity. Developmental editing is collaborative problem solving. I assess your manuscript for what’s working and what isn’t, and offer guidance on tackling the problem areas.


Copyediting is more granular. I correct grammatical errors and ensure stylistic consistency. I pore over every sentence for possible errors and inconsistencies, and ensure overall clarity of meaning. I cross-check references, art, tables. Copyediting can be light, medium, or heavy depending on your needs and the needs of the manuscript.

Questions? Ready to get started? Contact me here!

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